Frequently asked questions

How often is the weather in the app updated?

Our weather forecast data always contains the most up-to-date weather information at the current point in time, updated in real-time. It won’t be longer than 15 minutes between updates in the app.

Where do you source your weather?

We license weather data from some of the largest weather stations and weather data providers in the world, all of which are closely monitored for consistency and data accuracy around the clock.

How can I be sure that my data remains private?

We have a privacy policy in place to protect our users. The only shared data set is your generic seed trait information with only neighboring fields..

Will other users be able to report when I spray my fields?

No. Our platform isn't a tool for tracking when or how you spray. We want the platform to be used to help you, not hurt you.

Will this replace the need for spray logs? Wind is supposed to be calculated & reported at boom height.

We plan to be a replacement for traditional spray logs in the future versions of the platform. Our first version is simply a spray recommendation tool to give the user the best chance to mitigate potential spray drift.